Marie biscuits log cake

Brazo de gitano dulce

There are many variations of this log cake in Spain but all use Marie biscuits as its base.

The red wine used to dip the biscuits and the sugar in the meringue make this very simple and cheap dessert delicious.

Marie biscuits log cake

1 packet of Marie biscuits
red wine
3 teaspoons of soft butter
2 eggs separated
4 spoonfuls of grated coconut and a little more
8 spoonfuls of sugar

Mix butter, egg yolks, coconut and half the sugar to a paste.
Dip biscuits in wine long enough to soften them. Make sure they are not hard not too soft that they crumble.
Spread some of the paste on each biscuit and keep adding them one after the other to form a log. The last biscuit is placed without any paste on it to close the log.

Brazo de gitano


Whip up the egg whites and the rest of the sugar until set.
Pour the meringue over the log and spread with a spatula or knife making sure you are covering the biscuits well.
Sprinkle with grated coconut.

Let it rest for a few hours.

To serve cut in a slant as per photo.

Brazo de gitano.

Some wine seems to react with the marie biscuits and after 12 or more the bottom of the biscuits may turn green though this doesn’t seem to affect the flavour of the log.


5 thoughts on “Marie biscuits log cake”

  1. Martha, either butter will work well. I usually use regular butter at room temperature so that it mixes well. Spreadable will work well too.

  2. Thank you for getting back to me. I am going to grocery shop now. One more question… is 3 teaspoons of butter enough to cover the whole truck + filling inside?
    Thanks and happy new year!

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