Spanish potato omelet

4 eggs
500 gr potatoes, peeled and sliced finel
1 medium onion finely sliced
250ml olive oil
Salt to taste

Wash potatoes, drain and salt to taste.

Pour oil in a deep pan on a medium stove. When the oil starts to heat add the potatoes and let them fry. To speed up the cooking, cover pan.

Turn the potatoes from time to time.

Half way through the frying add the onion.

When the potatoes are turning a golden colour remove from oil and place on a plate covered with kitchen paper. Let potatoes cool down for about 10 minutes and add then to a bowl together with the 4 beaten eggs. Mix well.

Remove most oil from pan except for about 2 tablespoons. Add the egg and potato mix to the hot pan. Let it cook on a slow stove, covered to speed up the cooking.

When the egg is cooked on the bottom and the omlet holds in one piece turn using a plate placed on top of the frying pan. Cook until cooked thoroughly on the other side. Some people like it a bit runny in the middle, I prefer it completely cooked.


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