Stuffed mussels or Tigres (Spanish tapa)

500 gr mussels (approx. 2 kg with shell)
100 gr fish or peeled prawns (if mussels turn out to be small)
1 medium onion finely chopped
400 ml stock left from cooking mussels
200-300 ml milk
2 teaspoons ketchup
10 tablespoons brown rice flour (or regular flour if not making a gluten free recipe)
6 tablespoons olive oil
Tabasco to taste
Rice crumbs (or regular bread crumbs)
1 egg

Cook the mussels in a big pan with about half litre of water. When the shells open remove from stove.

Chop mussels finely with a pair of scissors.

Put oil in a big saucepan and when hot add the chopped onion.

Saute for 3 o 4 minutes and add chopped mussels and fish or prawns if using them.

Saute for a minute and add flour.

Add flour in small batches until the oil can’t take in more flour. For the above amounts, you’ll need about 10 tablespoons.

Brown rice flour can be replaced by regular wheat flour.

Adjust heat to low and start adding the reserved mussel stock. Keep stirring and adding the stock until finished. Let the mixture heat up and start adding the milk and stirring.

The mixture will start thickening as the milk heats up. Keep stirring and adding milk. The final mixture must be thick enough so that the mussel shells can be filled with it without spilling out.

Bear in mind that the mixture will also thicken once it cools down.

When the right consistency has been obtained, let the mixture cook for further 2 or 3 minutes. Add ketchup and tabasco just before removing from the stove.

Remove saucepan from stove and let it cool down before filling the shells.

Fill the shells with a spoon.

Beat an egg in a bowl.

Place shell filling down in egg and then in the rice crumbs (if not making a gluten free recipe use regular bread crumbs).

Fry stuffed mussels both sides in a deep frying pain.


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